What you need as a contractor to make your life easier

ACCOUNTING SOFTWARE For the past 20 years we have seen a dramatic improvement in accounting software and the adoption of cloud technology. Understandably business owners like to save on costs where-ever possible. Unfortunately spreadsheets and word documents are inevitably prone to human error and this can cost you more than any software will cost you. As a result it is my opinion that all business owners no matter how small should use an accounting software to keep track of their income

Maximising Your Resources Part 1

Over the next few posts we’re going to talk about how to take a hard look at your current resources and get the most out of them. This can help your capital go further and increase your profit margin. Today we’ll cover three different ways to maximise what you already have. These include: Recognise the obvious. Unconventional breakthroughs. Face the facts. Recognise the Obvious Sometimes when you are too close to something, you can’t make out the big picture. You need to step back and really

Maximising Your Resources Part 2

Reveal Your Business’ Soul Every business has a soul and you likely felt it the strongest when your business was just starting. It’s that passion, newness and momentum you had at the very beginning. Sometimes that can get lost along the way as your business gets stagnant and set in its ways. You have to break out of that rut and get back to your business’ true soul.. Last time we talked about the first three areas to work through in

Maximising Your Resources Part 3

Today we’ll talk about the last three areas you can work on to maximise your current resources. They are: An offer they can’t refuse Would you like fries with that? Stay away from the edge of the cliff. In the last post we talked about three more ways you can work on maximising your current resources. They included: Reveal your business’ soul From breaking even to breaking the bank Stand up and stand out Today we’ll talk about the last three areas you can work on